Is Your Property Getting Maximum Exposure?

News at Goundrys | 13/11/2014

At Goundrys we are committed to providing maximum exposure for all our sellers. This included Premium Listings on Zoopla at no additional charge. All properties are also listed on Primelocation and of course Rightmove. Between them these three make up over 90% of internet enquiries for property for sale or rent to agents.

It is already evident that some agents have withdrawn their properties from Zoopla within The Truro area and this can surely only be to the detriment of the properties they are marketing.

If you aren't with Goundrys, maybe you should be.  Call us for a free appraisal without obligation and see how we can put your property in the biggest shop windows.



Q: How Important is Internet Marketing For My Property.

A: In this modern day the importance of internet marketing has spiralled but it is important to ensure that your agent offers a broad selection of marketing menu. It is true that the major internet website players of Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation have become major sources of leads for agents on a daily and weekly basis, but not everyone chooses to search for property in that way. Social media including Facebook and Twitter have become important avenues for Estate Agents to interact with clients, promote their services and of course advertise the properties that they are selling. Equally the traditional printed media such as the West Briton Property section continues to have a major following with many potential sellers and buyers scouring its pages each week.  Most newspapers such as the West Briton will now have a major website presence with many of their loyal followers also looking for that instant access to current news. You will also find a very good property section on the West Briton website.

It is an accepted industry fact that 95% of property searches in this modern era begin online.  Each month Rightmove attracts 92 million visits from home movers and Zoopla receives around 45 million monthly visits which has grown steadily following massive investment of £millions in the last 10 years.

When choosing your agent, remember to check there whole marketing offering as the more people that see a property, the more chance of not only it selling, but also the greater the chance of getting the best price.