Oarsome Foursome update

News at Goundrys | 31/05/2019

Welcome to our latest update newsletter, and an extra welcome to our new sponsors and supporters.

Training: We have been out on our first training row in Exmouth which was a huge success and have since completed all our mandatory courses making us officially ready to crack on with regular weekend training in the boat!

As a team we have been working hard around our full time to jobs to stay on top of training, fundraising and studying, along with spending quality time getting to know Liberty on and off the water.

She’s now ready for sponsor logos which are in the process of being produced and still have space for more!  (Looking forward to seeing Goundrys logo on her)

Fundraising: We are plugging away towards our target and are doing really well with over £40k raised so far. However, this is sadly not enough to get us to the start line and takes us to about the halfway point! So, please keep sharing our posts, telling others about our challenge and getting any businesses you know who would like a PR reach of over 3 billion and £114m PR value to get in touch today! This is a unique opportunity to be involved with a team of ladies, breaking 3 world records and showing how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing support - we appreciate all of your generosity and help.

Many thanks and see you all soon!

Bird, Linda, Mo and Claire

The Oarsome Foursome