Should I wait....??

News at Goundrys | 30/10/2014


Should I wait until after the New Year to market my property??


This is a dilemma that crops every year once the clocks have fallen back an hour and the dark evenings are upon us. It is true that gardens usually look much better in the spring and blue skies for photographs are usually more likely at this time too. However there are always buyers looking for homes throughout the year.  Indeed from personal experience I agreed a sale on my own property on the 23rd December and agreed to buy another on New Year’s Eve in the past.

While it is true that traditionally there are fewer buyers looking at this time of the year, those that are, tend usually to be very serious about trying to buy a new home and motivated.  Similarly as many sellers decide to wait until the New Year, these serious buyers have a more limited choice. This means that if you want to move, then there is likely to be less property competition for your sale.

In simple terms if a property is not on the market then it definitely won’t sell!!


Andy Goundry FNAEA

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