Advice for Sellers

When deciding to sell your home in Truro, St Agnes and surrounding areas there are a number of important issues to consider.

Why am I selling?

This is an important question, as it will impact on how quickly you need to find a buyer and therefore the initial pricing. It may be starting a new job at a certain date, a baby due or other time sensitive reasons.

A realistic and competitive asking price

At the start, a realistic and competitive asking price can be crucial. Most interest is generated in the first 6 weeks of marketing. Remember, often the first offer is the best one.

First impressions

It is not just important to present the property as best possible inside and out for photographs but when viewers arrive, or, as they often do, ‘drive by’ first, you want your home to entice them through the door. So clean gutters, freshly painted doors and windows, clean pathways and tidy gardens are vital ingredients to a successful sale, quicker and at the best price.


  • Lights or lamps on makes a home feel warm and welcoming.
  • Make use of plug ins or a fresh vase of flowers to keep the home smelling fresh and those damp or pet smells at bay.
  • In the winter make sure the heating is on, a cold house is off putting and potential buyers will think it is expensive to heat.
  • Touch up paintwork, or any past damp patches, as nervous first time buyers may fear the worst.


If you choose to show potential buyers around your home don’t say too much. Answer their questions, but don’t over sell your house as you don’t want to appear desperate. Let the viewers take their time, it’s a lot to take in and they won’t want to be rushed.

Any other questions you may have can be discussed at our appraisal.

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